Elena Aya Bundurakis

Me, You, Amoeba

2019 — photographs

A proposal on how to see, and be within our existence.

We breathe inside a fluid, non-binary world.
We are having a collective experience, it is a Symbiosis.
The hierarchical systems don’t exist.
There is no Lion King or Mother Nature.

Hand with Algae II
Hand with Algae II

Looking into instances of Symbiosis, mixing biotic and abiotic specimens,
I am attempting to compose a view of a non-hierarchical natural moment.  
In the end, the natural world is a revolutioner that doesn't understand or care about our binary, capital systems. Thinking about the idea that perhaps we don't need ways of  saving “Nature”, but new ways of thinking and being "natural" ourselves. Symbiosis, as a species survival tactic, but also as a sensorial experience.


Dip your tongue
into this universe,
alive nothigness.


© E. Aya Bundurakis