Elena Aya Bundurakis

Eating Magma

2017-2019 photographs, archival matter, drawings, video, haikus, artist book

Look all over.
Extract and alter the natural elements that surround you in the constructed reality.
Eat some Magma.
Nature (primal / modern / post nature) is always imbued with mystery.
Nature mutates herself and is being mutated.
She is the Queen and the Underdog.
It is about basal instincts and existence.
Some animals of the now exist already for millions of years.
Ancient is alive.  Ancient is more cyborg than cyborg.
200 million years old animals will survive the post nature.
New ways of life. New ways of die.
It is about breathing. Eat and smell and touch.
I will look into 4 Fs: my Flesh, my Food, Fauna and Flora.
Learning about less imagined versions of the surrounding world.
Embody the natural, emotional and ethical crisis.
How does it feel to have a flesh and be a vertebrate?

Haiku flag 01, Chinese ink on fabric, 140x102 cm., 2018

Screenshot from Genesis, short film, color, archival material, 4’40’’, 2018 
(as part of the artistic research)

In Eating Magma, I am exploring the notion of being a living organism. The stress of existing within our bodies, in a world that is melting and regenerating itself constantly and rapidly is real. Using mainly photography, drawings, video and haikus, I am focusing on 4 Fs: my Flesh, my Food, Fauna, and Flora. Photography is used as a haptic device, rather than an optical technology.
Creating an interconnecting universe, by combining these 4 Fs, whose roles and existence, constntly shift and mutate into each other, according to the sometimes limited human perception. In this oozing universe, we are moving from semi-alive limpets to mushy mycologic lumps and from body surfaces to vacuumed hearts. Are they food, are they an animal, are they water or...?
Through my work, I want to show that in the core, we all have our vital senses to help us experience this world in a sensuous, cooperative way, along with other organisms. In a society made of information systems where the personal focus and intention is easily lost, simple observation becomes a tool. Extracting and zooming in natural elements in order to reveal less imagined versions of the surrounding world and find an emotional and ethical position within them.


© E. Aya Bundurakis